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Requirements for Outbound Email

The following section describes the technical requirements and policies for sending email using  BlueTie mail servers.  BlueTie reserves the right, without notice, to modify the requirements and policies set forth in this document at any time.  Before opening a support ticket with BlueTie's Abuse department, please be sure to read and understand the requirements set for this document.  IBlueTie maintains a strict adherence to these policies to ensure the safety of our clients and their data.

Technical Requirements

  • The enduser must have a current, in-good standing account with SMTP service enabled on their plan.
  • The enduser must configure their client as required by BlueTie.
  • The enduser must maintain up-to-date antivirus software on all devices transmitting mail to BlueTie.
  • BlueTie supports the following mechanisms for sending email:
  • Supported desktop and mobile clients may utilize the following ports:
    • 25 – Default SMTP Port (NOTE: Outgoing Authentication is Required)
    • 587 – Default Authenticated SMTP Port
    • 5125 – Alternate SMTP Port (NOTE: Outgoing Authentication is Required)

Policy Requirements

  • All email sent using BlueTie mail servers must conform to BlueTie's legal requirements and guidelines (
  • All email sent using BlueTie mail servers must not have altered, hidden, misrepresented, misleading or forged header information.
  • BlueTie does not permit the use of its sending servers to transmit Commercial, Opt-In, or Subscribed Email.  Subscribers are encouraged to use built-in or 3rd party marketing software for this purpose.
  • Endusers may not alter the Return-Path of any email address with an address that does not exist on BlueTie's servers.
  • Email messages must not be transmitted automatically via scripts, automation or relay servers.  Subscribers detected utilizing these mechanisms may be suspended.
  • Endusers may transmit a maximum of 500 recipients combined in the TO, CC and BCC fields per message. 
  • Subscribers may transmit a maximum of 500 messages per hour utilizing a desktop, mobile or BlueTie's web based interface.
  • All mail transmitted using BlueTie mail servers is subject to spam and virus inspection and may be rejected or held for further analysis.
  • Subscribers must ensure all messages are destined to known mailboxes.  Excessive bounce-backs for unknown email recipients may result in the suspension of services by BlueTie.
  • Subscribers violating the policies set forth, or exceeding the defined limitations of their account may have access to their account suspended until such time as BlueTie reviews the case.  Accounts may be terminated at BlueTie's sole discretion.