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Handling Subscriber Abuse

The following section describes the abuse handling procedures for subscribers whom have violated the outlined Abuse Policy.  NOTE:  BlueTie will communicate directly with BlueTie end-users, and will communicate with Reseller or Service Provider's through the appropriate Abuse desks.

Identification of Abuse
BlueTie actively monitors its infrastructure for violations to the outlined Abuse Policy. In an effort to prevent the use of BlueTie for illegal, fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate behavior and works with several law enforcement agencies, both local and federal, the US Government (FBI, CIA and Homeland Security), district, state, and federal court systems when necessary to provide information on our customer base for suspected illegal activities.

BlueTie's infrastructure utilizes several tools, both automated and manual, for the detection of abuse within our infrastructure.  Should an aend-user appear to, or have actually committed a violation of, the published Terms of Service and Abuse Policies, all access to BlueTie's systems will be revoked at BlueTie's sole discretion.

BlueTie will contact it's end-users regarding the abuse, and will generate a notification to the registered abuse address of the Service Provider or Reseller. Included with this notification will be all relevant details of the revocation such as the account name, email alias, abuse reason, and actual evidence of abuse, if available.

Account Review and Behavioral Correction
The suspect end-user will remain locked until such time as BlueTie Customer Service, or the Service Provider or Reseller have confirmed the following:

  • The account is not fraudulent and is considered a legitimate customer.
  • The end-user has been contacted directly by telephone, and:
    • The end-user has been made aware of their account status and suspected violations of the service agreement and Abuse Policy
    • The end-user has verified that they have up-to-date antivirus software and have a scan of their system showing no virus, Trojans, mass mailers or otherwise malicious software.
    • The end-user agrees that future violations will result in the suspension of services, termination of service, and possible legal action.

Account Review and Behavioral Correction

If the above requirements have been met, the end-user account may be considered for reactivation at the sole discretion of BlueTie.  Service Providers and Resellers must open a support ticket to BlueTie Customer Service for consideration of reactivation of the end-user account.

Abuse Recurrence

Should an end-user be found in violation of the published Terms of Service and Abuse Policy for a second time, and the abuse or violation is confirmed, the end-user account will be immediately terminated.  A notification will be generated and sent to the registered abuse address of the Service Provider or Reseller.