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Welcome to BlueTie's Postmaster Site

This site provides information regarding the email delivery to and from BlueTie customers. This site is intended to be provided as a resource for email administrators to understand email deliverability and what to do when they encounter problems.

Please review the information and guidelines provided prior to contacting BlueTie regarding deliverability issues.

General Guidelines For Mail Delivery

  • IP Reputation
    BlueTie utilizes several IP Reputation and RBL (Real-Time Blacklists) to make filtering decisions. Prior to contacting BlueTie, you should ensure your IPs and domains are not listed on these types of lists.
  • DNS Records, IPs and Domain Resolution
    BlueTie requires that all sending IP addresses resolve to a valid reverse DNS entry. In addition to sending IP address resolution, BlueTie requires that all sending domains must resolve a valid A or MX record for that domain.
  • SMTP Error Messages
    When an error is encountered, a temporary (4xx) or permanent (5xx) rejection will occur. The error message will contain the information about the block. Please see the SMTP Error Codes section for more information regarding these issues.
  • Unknown Users
    When mailing messages to many BlueTie reciepients, ensure your lists are clean of unknown users. Sending servers exceeding unknown user thresholds will be throttled or blocked completely.